GrindHouse Killer Burgers (Atlanta, GA)

Reviewed by: Kate

So I’ve been doing some traveling again, and recently spent another weekend in Atlanta. Since starting this blog back in March, whenever I travel somewhere new my first thought is usually “hmm where should I get a burger?”.  It’s fun to research burger joints across the country, and so far all of my friends have been supportive. Atlanta has a lot of great burger options! I have several friends from Atlanta, so I asked them for their input. Names that came up pretty consistently were The Vortex (which you can read my thoughts on here), Yeah! Burger, The Ghetto Burger at Ann’s Snack Bar, Flip Burger Boutique, and of course The Varsity. Hopefully I will get to experience all of these burgers someday. Upon arriving in Atlanta I was pretty set on going to Yeah! Burger. After talking to some locals though, they convinced me to try a place called GrindHouse Killer Burgers. This was a name that hadn’t come up before (but like I said- Atlanta has a lot of options). Me and my friend, Alana, decided to give GrindHouse a try.

 photo 4fc61e85-9337-4f13-8a41-3c281d14db6d_zps5ce2840b.jpg

There are actually 4 different GrindHouse locations in Atlanta. We opted to go to the one in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. It was basically like a little farmer’s market.  It was a little hard to find when you don’t know Atlanta very well, but then again I am just a terrible navigator to begin with…ask anyone who knows me. There is a parking lot behind the market where you have to get a ticket and pay to park, HOWEVER, GrindHouse gladly validated our ticket so we could park free for an hour. I really hate finding parking in Atlanta, so the GrindHouse and I were already off to a great start.

Because this burger joint is located in a market, it was pretty small. Basically there was just a counter to sit at. I really enjoyed the simplicity, and the service was great! Ok, so speaking of service…slightly embarrassing side story: I like to take pictures of the places I visit for the blog (duh!).  As I was waiting in line to order, I took a picture of the counter, but forgot to turn the flash on my camera off (*face palm*) . The guy working the cashier definitely thought I was taking a picture of him, and gave me a really funny look. When it was my turn to order he goes “So..did you take a picture of me earlier?”. It turned out ok though because it then gave me the opportunity to explain this blog to him. Some people at the counter heard me talking too and were asking me lots of questions. They were pretty intrigued.

 photo 4a4799e4-248f-4e57-b3f9-7795ca0021b9_zpscdc1ca03.jpg

SO anyway, I ordered what the GrindHouse called “The Yankee Style”. Being a yankee myself, it was a no brainer. The only problem is…I don’t know why it was called The Yankee. It was a burger topped with shredded lettuce, grilled onion, thick cut bacon, and bleu cheese spread. I probably should have asked my cashier friend. Alana’s theory was “well it has bleu cheese on it, and bleu cheese can be a little off-putting…just like northerners”. OUCH! Another friend told me she thinks it might be because it’s red, white and blue (red-bacon, white-onions, blue-bleu cheese). That explanation seemed to make more sense. If you have another theory, I would love to hear it!
 photo photo6_zps701a2ebe.jpgGuys. This burger was fantastic! GrindHouse was respectful of the beef flavor itself and had no need to add anything fancy. They were not skimpy on the bacon like some burger joints are. It was the perfect size- I left completely satisfied. The price was really reasonable- about $7 with a drink. Oh, and the fries! The fries were perfect. I’m not usually a huge fan of crinkly flies, but these fries had some special seasoning on it which reminded me of Old Bay. I don’t know what was in the seasoning, but they shouldn’t change it. My only complaint was there were a few too many caramelized onions. I just picked them off though- problem solved.
photo (1)Alana just got a classic burger with cheddar and mustard. She agreed that it was a great burger. “I might not drive all the way to Atlanta every time I want a burger, but I will admit I like it better than any of the burgers I’ve tried in Nashville and people rave about, such as Pharmacy“. That’s a big statement, Alana!

Overall- great burger, great experience, great company. Kevin has given several west coast burgers 5 stars. I’m excited to finally give a burger east of the Mississippi the honor of 5 stars.



Burger Flavor:  5/5

bunBun Goodness: 4/5

valueBurger Value: 5/5

toppingsToppings: 5/5

xfactorX Factor: 5/5


The Vortex Bar & Grill (Atlanta, GA)

Reviewed by: Kate

 photo Urbex_vortex_midtown_zps7549e557.jpg

Several weeks ago I made a trip to Atlanta to visit some friends. It was a wonderful weekend full of touring the World of Coke, eating lunch at CNN, pillow talk, laughter and just enjoying each other’s company. These are friends I don’t get to see very often, but whenever I do we can pick up right where we left off. You know the friends I am talking about — I’m sure you have friends like that too. When I first met up with these friends one of the first things they said to me was “we should get burgers while we are here!” (any friend who suggests we get burgers is a friend I am going to keep around for a while). None of us were from Atlanta, so we really didn’t have a clue as to where we should go for a good burger. I decided to ask the world of Facebook, and multiple people told me we had to go to The Vortex. Several people even told me that it was one of the best burgers they’ve ever had. Now that got my attention.

 photo friends_zps09f4315f.jpg

So after exploring downtown Atlanta all day, we headed to The Vortex to get one of their burgers. Something to note if you are thinking of going to The Vortex: this is not a family-friendly burger joint. You have to be 18+ to get in, and it definitely has a bar atmosphere. Something this New Yorker always forgets is that smoking is allowed in bars down here. Although I’m not one to typically enjoy a smokey bar, The Vortex had a really fun atmosphere. It definitely had a “thanks for coming, don’t be a jerk” ambiance, which could be a turn off for some, but I found it humorous. Our server was really friendly and the service was fast. I think one of my favorite things about this place was their menu. It was witty, and really funny to read. Here is a PDF of their “Stuff You Really Need To Know Page” to give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Now the real reason for this post. The Burger. The Vortex had all sorts of unique sounding burgers. Their menu was 5 pages long, and 2 of those pages were just burgers.  There truly was something for everyone.  Every time I go to a new burger joint I have trouble deciding if I should order a standard burger, or try something unique. On one hand, I figure if a burger place can’t get the “standard” right, how I can I even consider giving them a good review on this blog? On the other hand, I appreciate creativity, and love trying new things. This particular night my friend, Kaitlin, and I decided to order the Vortex Cheeseburger (with cheddar cheese) AND the Yokohama Mama and split it. That way we could experience the best of both worlds. The Yokohama Mama was topped with a teriyaki glaze, jack cheese, and a ring of grilled pineapple. Both burgers were truly delicious. They were decent sized burgers, full of flavor, great burger:bun ratio, and reasonably priced. The sides were good, but not memorable. I didn’t mind though considering the burger should be the star anyways — which it was.

 photo 1c01655a-0711-4360-a377-3f84194dd2f7_zpsa17abe06.jpg  photo 84a1cee8-0b51-4de6-8389-0da78128d2a0_zps8a175867.jpg

I would definitely go back to The Vortex if I find myself in Atlanta again. After all, they have so many more burgers I have to try! As always, leave us comments in the comments section!


Burger Flavor:  5/5

bunBun Goodness: 4/5

valueBurger Value: 3/5

toppingsToppings: 4/5

xfactorX Factor: 3/5