Meet The Enthusiasts


Hi, I’m Kate! I’m a 23 year old graphic designer living in Nashville, TN. Last summer I lived in Colorado, and while I was there discovered my love for burgers. Since returning to Nashville I have been on mission to find the best burger out there. I love sharing about my burger experiences, and so I decided this blog might be a good way to do that. When I’m not eating burgers I enjoy writing letters, designing things (you can check out my website at, and hanging out with friends while sipping a great craft beer.

Twitter: @katea27 Instagram: @katea27



I’m Kevin!  I’m a 22 year old graduate student living just outside of Los Angeles, CA.  I moved to California to study College Counseling, but I’ve found myself studying LA’s diverse burger circuit instead.  When I don’t have burgers in my mouth, I’m usually training for half-marathons, playing ukulele, or blazing through sitcoms on Netflix.  On second thought, I’ve done all of those things with a burger in my mouth.

Twitter: @kevindeschler


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