About Our Ratings

Our burgers are rated on a five star scale that focuses on five factors we feel make up the perfect burger.

The five Subcategories:


Burger Flavor: Is the burger itself seasoned well, or is it bland? Does it have any special sauces or seasonings in the beef? Is it nice and juicy, or is it dry?


Bun Goodness:  Does the bun hold the burger well, or does it want to fall apart? Is there too much bread, and not enough burger? Is there anything special about the bun?

valueBurger Value: Did you get what you paid for? Was the burger worth the cost?

toppingsToppings: Are the toppings fresh? Do they have a variety of toppings to choose from? How creative are their burgers?

xfactorX Factor: This subcategory is extremely subjective. It covers anything else that makes the burger unique. How were the sides that came with the burger? What was the atmosphere like? Did they have milkshakes to go with their mouth-watering burger?