Happy Birthday, Burger Diaries!

Reviewed by: Kate


Has it really been a year already? In honor of our birthday and Throwback Thursday, today’s post is going to be a bit different. I’ve eaten a lot of burgers in the last year. I don’t post about every burger experience on this blog- usually you just hear about our first impressions. But guess what? Sometimes first impressions are wrong. I wanted to take this opportunity to look back on the year, and reevaluate the burgers I’ve tried. So here are the Top 3 Nashville Reviews I felt needed some revisiting (pun intended).

3. Burger Republic

My feelings on Burger Republic really haven’t changed. I’m still not a fan of their burgers, or their playlist. The only thing I’ll say is that they DO have incredible milkshakes. We mentioned this in our joint-review, but really. They are delicious. Take my advice- skip the burger, just order a milkshake.

2. The Pharmacy

When I first wrote this review I had only tried 1 burger at The Pharmacy: The Pharmacy Burger. While it was a good burger, I wanted to try something more unique. I have since been back (MANY times), and have fallen in love with the Mission City Burger. This burger has guacamole, pico de gallo, slow-cooked black beans, and horchata crema fresca- all topped on their 100% TN beef. The first time I tried this burger I was a little hesitant about the horchata crema fresca sauce and almost asked for it to be taken off the burger, but the waitress insisted it remain on the burger. I’m really glad I left it on, because it makes the burger. It has a slight cinnamon taste and is inspired by the Mexican horchata drink. It sounds weird, but it adds a nice contrast to the flavors of the guacamole and pico. I have loved this burger so much that I haven’t tried anything else. Everyone tells me how much they love the Farm Burger, so I’m making it my goal to try it sometime in the next year.

Overall Assessment: The Pharmacy is the place I would take friends or family visiting from out of town. It simply has the best overall experience of burger joints in Nashville. It has a fun atmosphere, great burgers, and great service. It represents Nashville well. That being said, it is not my favorite burger in Nashville.

1. Burger Up

Recently, I have really been loving Burger Up. In fact…I might even dare say it’s my favorite BURGER in Nashville so far. I still order the Black and Blue burger, and find myself craving that particular burger more than any other burger in Nashville. I’ve tried several burgers in the last year with blue cheese on them, but none of them top Burger Up’s. I complained about the size of the burger, and the burger:bun ratio in my previous review. I take that all back. I find this to be the perfect size burger, and the ratio is perfect. I must have just hit an off night the first time I went to Burger Up, because now I leave perfectly content. I have also joined the bandwagon, and have recently fallen in love with their truffle fries. Yes. Those fries I didn’t talk very highly of when I first reviewed this burger? They’ve stolen my heart, and I’m sorry for ever bashing them. That being said, while the Black and Blue burger might be my favorite Nashville burger, that does NOT mean Burger Up is my favorite burger place in Nashville. There are still a lot of things about the overall experience that I don’t love. While the wait time at Burger Up has significantly dropped (and the wait time at The Pharmacy has significantly increased), there still isn’t a good place to stand if you do have to wait for a table. It’s still very claustrophobic, and it’s hard to even walk through the restaurant. I just don’t find it very relaxing or comfortable.

So that’s it! I would love to hear your thoughts, so let me know in the comment section!  Happy Birthday to Burger Diaries! We are excited for this next year, and the new burger adventures it will bring. Thanks for reading!

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